Kent County Prevention Coalition


2013 KCPC Above the Influence-Kent County Youth Summit
May 03, 2013



The Annual Town Hall Youth Summit is a youth-driven conference of the KCPC ‘Above the Influence-Kent County’ initiative.  Birthed out of a vision to empower community youth, The Summit is designed to equip middle and high school youth to think critically about personal choices and future ambitions, emerging community health and wellness trends related to underage substance use, and misuse, and the power community teens have individually and collectively to impact peers, family and community norms and the world by making a personal commitment to live Above the Influence.  



The Summit is designed to:

  • Engage youth in being visible, valuable, and vocal to underage substance use prevention efforts in Kent County
  • Champion the voices and engagement of youth in the work of underage substance use prevention
  • Understand the underage substance use issues in Kent County
  • Engage youth as investors in the health and wellness of Kent County
  • Develop leadership skills and talents
  • Build relationships and friendships with teens from across the county, state, and region
  • Create opportunities for youth to engage community leaders and elected officials
  • Use innovation, art, technology, and media to deliver prevention messages



Teen attendees of the 2012 Youth Summit selected ‘Push Forward’ as the theme for the 2013 direction of the KCPC Above the Influence-Kent County campaign.  ‘Push Forward’ is about recognizing the stressors, emotional baggage, pressures, and past history that impact teen behavior, struggles, and self-esteem on a daily basis.  Yet, ‘Push Forward’ magnifies the capacity each teen has to successfully overcome obstacles, redefine their future, make positive life choices, and walk free of the past.  This year’s theme speaks to the summit’s goal of empowering every attendee to victorious living via high-octane, skill-building, ATI-Kent County activities, workshops, and peer-to-peer messaging.



Venue(s):                  Grand Valley State University – Allendale Campus [Morning/Afternoon]

                                    3 Mile Project [Evening/Overnight]

Date:                           Friday, May 3, 2012

Time(s):                      @ Grand Valley State University [7:45 am – 3 pm]

                                    @ 3 Mile Project [9 pm – 7 am]

Attendance:              850 youith [6th - 12th grade]

Registration:            OPEN FROM FEBRUARY 1 - APRIL 3, 2013  CLICK HERE TO REGISTER